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Shannon has two sisters, Caitlin and Erica, that also share the Campbell name of her dad  They are 12 and 13 years younger than Shannon, so since we started dating in high school, Shannon and I have been dating or married for their entire memory.   During those years, we have spent some time with them every Christmas.  Initially, it was with their Dad too.  But ever since Shannon’s dad died about 10 years ago, we have kept the tradition alive.

They now are college graduates with full time jobs and getting together is no longer easy (requiring time off jobs, plane flights, and expenses), but it was super to have them join us this year again.  We so enjoy spending time with them and we have great memories together.

So, last weekend we got together and on Saturday we spent the whole day together for our “Campbell Christmas”.  We had planned to go to the new aquarium at Legoland but found out that it was closed, so we made alternate plans.   We had breakfast, caught a movie, grabbed some java, and then made a ceramic art project together on a whim in a shop at the mall.  It turned out to be tons of fun.  We bought a large plate and divided it up into sections and each of us painted part of it.  It’s now being fired in a kiln and we will pick it up after Christmas. 

Once we were done, we cruised over to panera for dinner, home to make some hot chocolate, and then headed to cruise some neighborhoods for Christmas light.  Tons of funs.  Here’s a collage of some of our day.

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