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That’s how long it took me to ride my cruiser to Cosmos Cafe today. I rode to school with the kids and then left there at like 7:50 and arrived in La Mesa in time for a really nice free breakfast of quiche, potatoes, fruit, and coffee. Guess I better do some more riding. I only walked like 50 yards at the top of one hill by Grossmont High- mostly cuz my butt was made at me.

Oh… and while I was there, some legit bike riding dude arrived in one of those spandex outfits with shaved legs and a bike that is so thin that it disappears if you look at it in certain angles. Yeah, he rode to work from Oceanside. He left at like 5:40 am. And I thought my butt hurt.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Brian! Great job! You are inspiring me to get my butt sore also! Now I know why these guys (and girls) wear the $1,000 outfits to go along with their $5,000 bikes… so that they can dissapear!!

    Ben V

  2. I was absolutely delighted this morning to see you on your cruiser as I headed to the gym. Great job

  3. That’s so awesome. I saw you riding as I was driving to work. Very inspiring. I can barely make the RSD route around the neighborhood, and my bike has gears. Way to go!

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