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That’s how long it took me to get home. I went the same route until I came to Avacado. I was debating it and and I decided that if I went up the hill instead of straight on Chase, I could shave off like a half mile or so and then go down hill for a long time and it would be worth it.

Well, I made it all the way up this ridiculous hill, but I’m not sure if my thighs will yell at me tomorrow. I shaved 10 minutes off my get home time, even though it’s more up hill than going there. I think part of it was because I didn’t care how much I sweat on the way home and part might be because I left like 20lbs of backpack at work on the way home too.

We’ll see when the next time I can ride to work is. I think Thursday and Friday are my only days I can, because I have class and small groups on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and I don’t want to ride home at like 10pm. But I’ll definitely do it again soon.

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