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Last night was Berry Bonding. We decided to do dinner and then take the boys to see the latest Veggie Tales movie.

We went to a monday night showing at 7:05pm and welp, we had the whole place to ourselves. All to ourselves. My kids danced during the songs. We laughed loud. We moved around. If we’d had popcorn, I think I woulda started a food fight. I probably should have made a cell phone call, but I didn’t think of it till now. Who needs a home theatre system when I can rent one bigger than my house for under $50.

As for the movie… I’m not much of a movie critic. I laughed and it was nice to be with my kids, who liked it. It was kinda scary in spots and jake sat on my lap, occasionally pulling my arms around him. There is a random appearance from man eating cheese curls which surely was the snack in the brainstorm room when at 2 am they tried to finish the script and decided to toss them into the mix. Totally random.

I was happy to see that Phil Vischer had lots of influence in it after all the Big Idea corporate takeover funk I heard about in him telling his story at the YS convention. I hope it makes him smile. Though I’m sure my family’s private showing of his movie on opening week probably doesn’t.

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