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This morning Jake and I washed my truck. In the process, he got to thinking and asked…

“Dad, who is stronger? God or Jesus?”

I said, “Neither. Jesus is God. They are both the same.”

Long pause.

Jake: “Oh, so some people just call him Jesus and some people call him God.”

Dad: “Yes.”

If only the incarnation was so simple, then I wouldn’t be feeling so stupid after trying to explain it to my 4 year old.

I wonder how my son is going to feel when he is old enough to understand that Jesus prayed to God (or Himself) and it is not considered schizophrenic.

I wonder if Jesus ever asked God Jake’s question? Like do the Holy Spirit and Jesus and God ever talk about who could take who in a fight? Here’s the conversation:

  • Holy Spirit- I move like the wind. I’ll take you out when you can’t see me.
  • Jesus- the waves obey me, no matter how powerful your wind is.
  • God- they don’t call me God for nothing. Sit down before I make a universe without you in it.

Ok… maybe I need to go back to Theology class again. I think I missed something. Or maybe they missed it.

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