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30 DAYS OF….

My church just finished a 21 days of prayer and fasting period. Evidently we missed the mark.

This church issued 30 days of sex according to this CNN video. After watching this video, I have nothing to write here that is appropriate. Most of my snide remarks are going to remain in my head. I just voice these 4 ponderings:

  • their website they created for this “campaign” has crashed due to too many hits.
  • I wonder if this pastor is really trying to re-kindle marriages or just get on TV?
  • I really want to know what his wife thinks of his plan. I’m sure he thinks it’s pure genius and gets him lots of high fives at the mens group.
  • I wonder if they’re passing out condoms in the bulletins or if they just have plans for expanding their church nursery, but are struggling to get enough congregational support.


  1. 30 days… are you kidding me?? I’m sure there are plenty of guys high fiving and the ladies… well…

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