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If you’re in youth ministry, then an app that you can run off your computer and use a projector or flat screen is almost a basic need in most youth rooms these days.  Even if you’re just using your laptop for 3-4 students to have some fun, I found a sweet website the other day and grabbed a couple of apps that i’ve had some fun with.

It’s a website called digital stache and it has some great resources.

You pick up to 15 topics or  prizes or whatever you want and put them in the wheel.  Hit spin and game on.  I love that you can ask it to drop a prize once one has been hit, so you never hit the same thing twice.  This is a super helpful feature if you’re using it for questions or a crowd breaker and don’t want to do the same thing twice.

We sometimes have people make the spinning motion by the screen and then have someone hit the button in the back and it looks like they are spinning it. You can even jack with someone and press a button where it mocks you for not being a strong enough spinner.  Super fun.

Only downside I’ve found is that if you’re using it for topics or questions, you can’t have more than 3-4 words before they fall off the edge of the screen as the font doesn’t auto adjust very well.  But besides that, GREAT app.

This app let’s you keep score on a big screen between 2 teams. It comes with several backgrounds to choose from and then a few more you can buy for a couple bucks.  I grabbed the guys vs. girls background and we’re definitely gonna use it during our dating series this year. Super fun and very easy!!

GAME SHOW, Ready Set Go.
This is a FREE app and it let’s you customize your countdown clock for even up to an hour.  Awesome resource for nothing.

There you go.  They have some other stuff for music and such on their site, but this stuff was what i needed. If you know of other sites and stuff that you use for youth ministry games, by all means, feel free to share it in the comments.


  1. Thanks for the share, I especially like the Score Keep! Will have to pass this along!

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