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We’ve been sharing our room

with these two love birds

they like to kiss

here’s what happens with too much kissing

last night we went for a walk and found the home they are building for us… it’s in the background

this is the view we’d get every night- two beautiful sights:

here is the sunset. God is a good painter.
This is my breakfast the next day. I love bed and breakfast places.

Went for a bike ride. Started at the Ritz just up hwy 1, ended up finding the St. Regis along the way.

Got the bellhop to take our pic since we were the trash that rolled in on our bikes instead of the benz people kept getting the valet to take.

Then I posed and added my name to the statue of my dear friend Mr. Dana

We went back to the room and watched sail boats

Took a nap and dreamed of boats

Woke up and went to dinner through the concierge and ended up having dessert paid for by the Blue Lantern Inn and dinner on my folks. Sweet place for sweet price!

Worked off dinner by walking with my lovely wife to get her starbucks. This is a fabulous new outfit that I bought her.
Then back to the room.

24 hours in pictures.

Good Night.

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