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There are two comments/questions that I have received lately that have caused me to scratch my head. They are two sides of the same coin. I think they just come with the territory of pastor, but sometimes I think there might be something more to it. I’m really not sure what it all means or quite how I should respond.

THE COMMENT: “Yeah, but you have to understand this is your job.” This is always said by a volunteer who feels like too much is being asked of them. It usually is due to some kind of miscommunication and unintended guilt they feel. But regardless of why it is said, it always makes me wish I could quit my job and volunteer. I hate being told I’m paid to do what I do. It has an element of truth to it. But for one reason or another, it really really bugs me.

THE QUESTION: “What do you do for a living?” This is a natural question as people get to know one another. However, recently it’s come from people who attend our church. I’m not sure very many people at Journey have any idea what a pastor does or why it could possibly amount to a full-time job. Or at the very least, they don’t know why the youth ministry needs one. I think we are invisible to too many people.


  1. Wow, do you get the second question from adults? I’ve had it or variations of it from students, but not usually adults.

  2. I think also it’s the fact that many of us at Journey are new to all of this and just don’t know out of pure ignorance. Not a reflection of you as much as not understanding. Pray for us. We’re trying to get up to speed.

  3. Bub. We’re good. Neither the statement nor the question really makes the communicator wrong. This post is really about what it does in me. That’s probably more my deal than anyone elses.

    Keep on keeping on. I’m not sure what I do either 🙂

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