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Shannon and I escaped away for 3 days to Coronado Island to celebrate 15 years.  Shannon said it’s called a “staycation” cuz we didn’t “vacate” too far, but it was far enough for me.   So amazing that we live in a place where we can “staycate”.

We daydream of someday living in a house by the beach where the beach cruiser and the local coffee shop are the daily norms.   This week we added some more layers to that dream and stayed in a beautiful 2 story home on Coronado Island just blocks from the pacific and the world famous Del.  It was pretty amazing to say the least.  Coronado is definitely beautiful.  So blessed to have friends in high places.  We never could afford to get away without them.

Only rule I had:  I’m not moving the car for 3 days.  It was walking and biking only.

So even we saw some dolphins playing on the beach.

We ate, we slept, we walked, we dreamed, we talked.  It was a great 3 days to cap off 15 years of love and friendship and family and funk… yep.  we are funky too  🙂   

you can hit the rest of the pics up on facebook.


  1. Don’t you love Coronado. I loved every minute I worked at Sharp Coronado just because I got to see those gorgeous homes every day. That is an awesome house . . . is it someone you know that rents it out? Pastors always get the hook-ups, huh? Well you and Shannon certainly deserve it. Congratulations on your 15 years of blessings!

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