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At least 13 cars were broken into today, while their occupants were at CHURCH!!!

We have limited parking so we have asked some of our key people to park in the more remote places off site. As a result, most of the people who had their cars broken into today are our regulars. At least 4 are our staff or their families that I’m aware of. One girl from our high school program lost her purse and the pearls her mom gave her for graduation. One guy from our high school leadership team lost an ipod and an acoustic guitar he uses for our weekend services. Our middle school director lost her ipod.

Crazy I tell you. If I find the guilty party… I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to invite them to church or punch them on behalf of my friends. I hate it when people steal stuff. Maybe I should punch them and then invite them to church. But I’m guessing that won’t work so great.

Loving your enemies is easier said than done.


  1. That’s really sad. I really don’t like that feeling of having things taken. I know you know how that feels. Have you heard about my flat iron being stolen inside of church the day of Journey Up? Yes, even people who steal are inside church. We are all messed up in all different kind of ways, and all need that reminder to “Do everything in love”.

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