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Here’s a study of those ages 16-29 by the Barna group that most could predict the results of- but worth the read regardless.

Here’s the quote that worried me the most:

Yet, the research shows that millions of young outsiders have significant experience with Christians and Christian churches. The typical young outsider says they have five friends who are Christians; more than four out of five have attended a Christian church for a period of at least six months in the past; and half have previously considered becoming a Christian.

Sometimes I think that we should spend 5% of our time trying to bring people into the Christian faith and 95% of our time trying to help those who enter it, understand and own it. I think they might stay longer than 6 months before they head for the door. I’m deeply concerned about lasting impact these days. I don’t want to be a stopping place for high school students on their journey to disenfranchisement with those who claim to follow Jesus.

Here’s the quote that surprised me.

The book (Unchristian, by David Kinnaman) also includes exclusive perspective from 30 Christian leaders, including Mark Batterson, Chuck Colson, Louie Giglio, Dan Kimball, Brian McLaren, Kevin Palau, John Stott, and Rick Warren. Kinnaman described their contribution as an effort “to make sense of the complex and challenging project – both why the problems exist as well as what Christians ought to do in response to the information. We looked for the biblical space in order to respond to the sharpest criticism. Beyond simply reporting the problems that we discovered among a skeptical generation, my partner Gabe Lyons and I want the book to help Christians find a way forward, to read positive examples and find hope that their life can provide a clearer picture of Jesus to skeptical people around them.

Check out that list of contributors to this book. I might buy it for that reason alone. Should be a smorgasbord of opinions.

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