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After the crazy long hike day, we all slept in for forever.  When we finally did awaken, we had a lazy morning, hung out by the river near our site, and ate breakfast and some lunch in camp.

After lunch, we headed just 5 minutes up the road to the historical exhibit of Old Town.  We listened to a lady tell us all about how it took 5 days to get to Yosemite from SF just 100 years ago and about the home life and current state of the families that initially homesteaded this Yosemite Valley.  Left feeling ridiculously lucky to live in the age I do.  I have no idea what kind of ease will await a generation 100 years from now, but we have it massive cake walk of a life compared to those coming here in the early 1900’s.   After we were done chattin it up and checkin out old stuff, we walked to the store to grab some ice cream.

Then it was more lazy swim time at the river in our Wawona Campground before naps, dinner, and a trip to campfire to learn about bears and even sing a song.  The 3 youngest went up and helped.

Every night we got invited to campfire by the ranger walking through our site, but we never went cuz it always sounded boring and they told me there were no songs.  No songs. Are you kidding me. I have 5 kids.  No songs.  What is the purpose of campfire if it’s not to sing some silly song.  My childhood years of campfire songs and crazy slide shows and stuff made me want to slap someone for forgetting to sing at campfire.  I don’t care what budget cuts get made.  Figure out how to hire a Ranger with some personality and that can lead a lame song about “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmit” or a bunny that says “help me, help me, help me I say” or something.  One ranger told me I could lead it if I wanted to.  I opted out of being youth pastor for the week, so no song leading for me.  But if God ever calls me to be a ranger, slap me if I take the songs out of campfire… or my Grandma might come down out of heaven and slap me herself.  If we don’t  have ice cream, she surely will.  Ok.. rant over.  Here’s some pics of our afternoon. 


  1. The pics definitely leave me smilin!

  2. vanessa says:

    Me too, very sweet!

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