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DAY 4 was our first trip from Wawona into the Yosemite Valley. It was our first chance to see the worlds largest hunks of granite. Literally, the LARGEST in the world. (At 3,593 ft., El Capitan is the tallest granite monolith in the world. And believe it or not, the world record for straight up climbing right up it’s face is 2 hours and 43 minutes.) That’s nuts!!! Man what a crazy amazing beautiful place. I think you’d have to live there really long and get pretty jaded by the crowds to lose a sense of wonder and awe that this place inspires. God was on it when he dreamed this place up.

After some pics of the valley, we headed for a leisurely walk up to lower Yosemite falls and climbed up some rocks to chill and have lunch off the beaten path.

Then it was ice cream and hanging out at the indian museum thingy followed by some time in the river as it twists and turns through the valley floor with our friends and the kayak. This makes the second time I took it off my truck and hoofed it to the river with it. It’s like 20 minutes each time, but the kids love it so much it’s just plain fun.

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