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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of writing. I have 2 bible studies I’ve been working on till the wee hours of the morning this week and a seminary project that is due.

Two other writings have recently posted to Simply’s site. The first is a series of Bible Studies I’ve taught twice in my own youth ministry. It’s really about developing a mentoring mindset- both in you and in your relationships around you. I think this study is the one that I’ve written so far that I’m most excited about.

It’s called “Coach Me”

I’m also in the process of planning our 08/09 school year and in the midst of that, I wrote a little article that posted here. If you’re a youth pastor, you might find a idea or two worth stealing. Which by the way, if you have an idea or two I can steal, hook a brother up!

(Side note, the editor made a correction on this one that kinda bugs me. I have these two types of messages series I think through when planning my teaching calendar. One I call a “Felt Need” and the other I call a “Spirit Lead”. There’s a play on words there that is a memory tool- among other things. Anyway, the editor changed it to “Spirit Led” which did two things. #1. It took away the parallel language rhyme. #2. It makes it sound like the “felt need” stuff I did on my own, the “Spirit Led” stuff is what God wanted me to do. It’s the first time that I’ve re-read the article after it was edited and then posted and went, “Ugh…. I don’t like that change.”)


  1. yeah, it just doesn’t read right when you see it the new way in the article.

  2. Can I get a free copy? Hook a poor youth pastor brother up! Good to talk to you this week, bro.

  3. Max my man. It’s a measly $12. Fast for dinner and you’ll have found an instant $12. I bet you can find $12 in the couch. I bet you can beat up one of your students and steal $12 out of his lunch box.

    If it was mine to send… I’d shoot it to you for free. But I sold my soul to the man. Trust me, my soul evidently is cheap.

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