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A few weeks back, Time had a cover article with the best inventions of the year. Having been asked to make my wish list by a few family who might want to pass on gifts for me during this time of year, I saw this a sign from God. So, if you’re sitting on mountains of cash and have no idea what to do with it, let me inspire you:

  • iKARAOKE: The fine folks at Griffin Technology have invented a cord that turns your nifty ipod instantly into a Karaoke machine. Breakfast time with my kids and high school ministry on Sundays will never be the same again.. oh, and all for $50. Rock on.
  • A TABLESAW THAT WON’T CUT OFF YOUR FINGER. Don’t ask me how, but the fine folks at sawstop managed to develop a saw that will cut wood while turning the blade at 120mph all day long. But as soon as you get your finger near it, in a few milliseconds, it comes to a screeching halt and drops below the surface of the table, saving your finger and your future typing skills. My grandpa could have used this in the 60’s. He would have kept his thumb. Only question now is, “Is my thumb worth $3000?” (one downside, due to this technology, evidently you cannot use it to cut hotdogs either.)
  • FRESH ICE CREAM VENDING MACHINE. I think this would be awesome to have in my high school ministry cafe. Fresh Ice Cream in a bowl from a vending machine. You get your choice of any combination of 12 flavors and you can actually choose several “mix-ins” like it’s from Cold Stone. I definitely would have to buy bigger pants with this machine in my life.. and evidently.. I’d also have to move to Boston, cuz that’s the only place they have these so far. I have decided that I need to be the first one to bring it to California- I think I’ll put it outside Starbucks in Mission Valley Mall- surely it will pay for my new table saw and maybe my kids college fund.
  1. Give your wife or any loved one this shirt.
  2. Call their cell phone.
  3. Their cell phone then notifies their shirt via bluetooth that a loved one has called.
  4. The shirt then contracts around your loved one, squeezing them like a hug.
  5. Enjoy the fun times. This takes blowing kisses to a whole new level. I need this so that I can give it to my wife.. but then again, … good news would be, if you have no friends, you can now officially hug yourself too. On second thought, maybe I need this shirt.
  • MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL: I just think this would be awesome. It’s a mirror that you put in your home and it integrates with your security/entertainment system (incidentally, I would need one of those too by the way). Then, in the voice of a very scary looking “shrekesk” type english butler, it announces to you various information you might want to know. Ie: a show is coming up on the TV you may want to see, a car has pulled into the driveway, the jacuzzi is ready… oh what fun. When not in use, it acts and looks like a normal mirror. Hip Hip Horray for Hollywood special effects people. It surely is worth the 20G price tag to impress your friends and family and to scare the poopy out of kids on Halloween.
  • NEW 4 DOOR JEEP: I have decided that I now need this car. It has 4 doors and seats 5. I have 5 people in my family. It’s a sign from God. It is convertible and the doors come off. You can get it with a removable 3 piece hard top if ya want. It comes in blue. Um, I’ve never been much of a jeep guy… but now I decided I live too close to the desert and the weather in SD is too nice and now I must get me one. Anybody got $30G on their Christmas list with my name on it?

There ya have it. Shop at will.

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