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If you’re a parent, then you know there are plenty of times when stuff doesn’t go right in your kids life.  Maybe it’s cuz they got in a fight at school.  Maybe their teacher said something to them and when you heard about it you felt judged and so did your kid.  Maybe it’s a neighbor who is unhappy or maybe it’s your own kids not getting along with one another and fists are flying.

But, regardless of what the issues is, the problem remains the same.  You’re need to figure out, “Do I step in and save the day or do I shut up and let this play itself out?” 
In the last week, I’ve had to step in twice.  That’s not normal for me.  So it got me thinkin’… “when should I speak up or step into help my kids?”  I came up with 3 answers:
WHEN MY KIDS HAVE EXHAUSTED THEIR OWN RESOURCES:  If they already went politely to the teacher or the friend to get the issue solved and it only got worse or was completely ignored, then I’m willing to step in.  But not until then.  We never contact a teacher about an assignment for example, until our own children have gone back and done so themselves. Sometimes I won’t go until a third solution on their part fails, and then maybe I’ll step in and figure out what the issue really is. 
WHEN SOMEONE WILL MOST LIKELY END UP IN THE HOSPITAL:  If the problem is that someone could end up with my kid being hurt, I usually won’t step in.  Truthfully, there’s never a time when my kids aren’t one wrong move away from a hospital visit.  Even when they sleep.  My kids have amazing abilities to wound one another.  But if the danger is severe enough that they will likely get seriously hurt. then I step in. 
WHEN ADULTS ARE AVOIDING ME AND GOING THROUGH MY KID:  Occasionally some adult will actually avoid talking to me and send a message through my child.  I that case, I never send my child back with the info requested.  I always step in if my kids being used as a pawn in someone’s political chess game.   If you want to get at me and you go through my kids, I promise it will work. It might not turn out like you hoped, but you’ll get my attention for sure.
ok.. that’s my 3.  you got any?  

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