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I love Cosmos. Love it. They had just opened shortly after my arrival here in San Diego about 4 years ago and I literally just drove down this street and said, “I need a local coffee shop, there has to be one around here.” And walla, there it was. Right under a beautiful tree. From Jesus.

I’ve been frequenting it ever since.

We’ve hosted 2 or 3 christmas parties here for our student ministries staff. I come weekly. I have most meetings with students or staff or my anyone I can talk into it here. I love their java and their breakfast bowls and their tuna melts. I would move to La Mesa, just so I could walk to Cosmos and work. It would be worth it, except that we like my kids school. Minus that. I’d do it. I just saw that cosmos opened up a “satelite” site. They need one in Rancho.

Mostly cuz I bond with kid #1- TJ- on Wednesday morning and my lovely wife on Mondays. I wanted a local coffee shop to frequent. But cosmos can’t be found in Rancho. I have tried 2 different places, and I’m now stuck with something well, less than Cosmos. The one bagel place only lasted about 3 weeks before I cried foul. Now we’re at another coffee grounds place. Here’s what I would tell my local coffee grounds place if they cared to listen:

  1. MUGS: Have “here” cups. What’s the point of staying and drinking your coffee if I can’t enjoy it in a nice mug.
  2. REAL PLATES AND UTENSILS: um, please don’t serve me breakfast or lunch on styrofoam and plastic ware. Even starbucks has here cups and plates and they are as big as McDonalds or something. I want to feel at home. Styrofoam is lame.

  3. PERSONAL SERVICE: yeah, you don’t have to know my name, or even my drink (though most do since I’m so predictable), but at least be personable, like my business makes yours possible. Smiling is good.

  4. PROVIDE A JAVA REFILL. Like fill a cup of coffee for a reduced rate or a free refill. Just don’t charge me full price for the second cup.

  5. LOCAL ART. It’s nice to have a local place feel local.

  6. MUSIC. Put on some tunes that don’t make me wonder if I accidentally stepped into the java filled elevator.

  7. SHADE. Places to sit outside in the shade are nice. My coffee will keep me warm.

  8. TAB: Um… I wanna billable tab. How stinkin cool would that be?! Hardware store meets bar meets cafe. “Put it on my tab.” I pretty much would never drink another cup of coffee anywhere if I had a tab. Nope, Cosmos doesn’t have one. But yep, that’d be sweet.


  1. are you still a hazelnut americano kinda guy? I tried it… i liked it. Good call.

  2. did u just ask if I’m still a hazelnut americano guy? We soooooooo need to hang out more. I think my middle name should be changed to hazelnut americano. I probably can pee one. I need counseling I’m sure. I bought an espresso machine for the sole purpose of making my own to save on flow. I even stock the syrup. ok…. love you. Glad you liked it. Welcome to my world. Someday they’ll rename the drink- the Brian Berry, just like they did the lemonade/ice tea combo for Arnold Palmer 🙂

  3. I vote for cosmos for our next christmas party. Along with plenty of chocolate for dessert along with the java. And games with prizes, including speed bingo. I love how we can mingle and talk at cosmos. D&B, not so much – but that’s just me.

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