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… when you are driving on 805 south and you see a giant Oscar Mayer wiener next to you and your co-worker is jumping up and down in the back seat begging you to catch up to it so she can get a picture? 

Christina took a pic with her iphone and was gonna twit pic it…. which she did.  In the end, she chose simply “805 south”.  Here’s some tag lines that were voiced in the car but not used:

  • I just saw a giant wiener.
  • That’s one speedy wiener.
  • Hey Oscar, have you lost your wierner?  Cuz I just found it.
  • If you love wieners then you’re gonna love this.
  • Check out this wiener.

    Oh man… sometimes there’s nothing funnier in the world than a giant weiner truck on the freeway.


    1. Oh my goodness that was a great day!! You should be glad I didn’t burst into song. “Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner…” Can you imagine, we could have all sung together and it would have been like we were on our way to camp:)

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