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I was sitting in the guest house when we heard this loud noise coming.  Heather says, “Is that a marching band?”  I say, “yeah, sure. It’s a marching band. [tongue in cheek]”  I then go outside to check.  And much to my surprise… it is and someone tells me the mayor is coming.

So I run back to get my camera.

When I arrive, just in time for the band to go by, I find out it’s not the mayor- IT’S A WEDDING.

So, in honor of this experience (though I have not even officially adopted my only daughter yet)- like a good father- I have started her wedding plans. 

There will be a maching band.

A mercedes with the wedding couple’s name on the plates and a big bow.

Every other identical mercedes that even exists in town will follow the bridal party with matching bows on their cars at a snails pace.

We will make a lot of noise as we go through town.  Forget the horn honking.  Marching band it is.  Only thing they were lacking was a drum major.  We will have one of those with a baton that has fire on both ends.  This I decree.

Better start saving my shillings- er dollars- now.


  1. Now that’s a wedding! Wonder what her husband will think of it…oh who cares, you’re paying right? Ha ha.

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