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If you want the adoption trump card, then read this e-mail I got from Mandy at Welcome Home where we are adopting our twins.

Hi Brian & Shannon,

I have been through the book with the kids 3 times now. They are getting more excited all the time. They love their beds, know the kids names and Zeus off by heart, and are claiming a bike each. They are really excited about a mum and dad. They are just really jazzed. (Note to self: Um, I guess I better buy some bikes before they arrive )

One exciting bit of news is that I have a family of 4 children available. We visited Jonah Jeremiah, Emmanuel and Margaret’s mother with them today. The mother is getting the dad to come and sign off at the Lawyers on Monday. If you hear of any family who cant have children and would like 4 at one time let me know.

Many blessings

Any takers?

I actually have a picture of this family from our visit this summer:

Jonah and Jeremiah are the two twin boys in the front left. Mom and Dad are the two adults. The boy in front of Dad is Emmanuel and Margaret is the one in her sister’s hands on the far right.

I’ve been in this family’s home. They can barely afford the 4 they do have pictured that are living with them, much less the four more that are up for adoption and are living with Welcome Home in the orphanage. Mandy has tried to help them get on their feet with a few micro loans to start businesses, but to no avail. Adoption in the states or another orphanage appears to be these kids only option at survival at this point.

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