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Last night at 6:43 pm… while waiting for the Friday service to start, which I was set to preach at, I discovered- much to my horror…. that all my recent Trinity Camping and Oregon pictures had been deleted by accident by me yesterday when clearing my computer desk top. I’ve kept the in a folder there as I worked on them. BIG MISTAKE!!!! UGH!!!

I tried as best I could to put my head back in the game and actually preach last night, while internally totally distracted and reeling in despair. I had to do some repenting actually cuz I realized I put a lot of value- perhaps too much value- in the joy I get from pictures. I mean, I could lose it all one day in a fire or something. That would suck… made me really evaluate where I put my peace… and I didn’t like the answer- cuz I find a lot of the time it’s in my stuff.

Anyway… I did my teaching and then went home and tried to figure out if it was all lost beyond repair. I figured out that I still had all my originals from Oregon on my camera- so for that part, only the hours I’ve already spent sorting and editing them was lost.

For the trinity shots… most of my originals were gone. I recovered about 90% of them I think off my hard drive with an emergency purchase of this software. I use this company’s software to back up my hard drive too, but hadn’t done so since I got back from camping. Thank the Lord for people who have my back and for whoever created recovery software. I owe you huge.

Anyway….. I spent most the night unable to sleep, trying to figure out what I really lost… turns out most of what I lost was my time. Which if I had to choose between my time and the photos themselves, I guess I’d pick my time. All the pictures now have to be resorted and organized. I lost all the photoshop collage masters of this trip however, but I still have the jpegs from them. As near as I can figure, I think I only lost one collage completely… but I have the stuff to rebuild it I think.

Here’s one I reclaimed like at 4 am. Guess the rest of my trip will take a little longer to collage now. Maybe next week.


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t sleep good! I know how you feel. Your message was great, by the way. I had no idea you were distracted.

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