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Tyler’s U10 boys soccer team is undefeated. UNDEFEATED. They are 16-0-1.

This is the pic of them after we won the season title.

After winning, we were then sent to go to a tournament this last weekend for the region title where they played other teams that won their division from other cities in our area. The tournament works on a points system where you get 6 points for a win, one point for each goal (up to 3 goals), and one point for a shut out. That’s a total of 10 points possible per game.

At the end of Saturday, we had played 2 games and scored 29 points. Sunday they had 3 games and THEY WON all three, ending with a FIRST PLACE WIN consisting of 4 shut outs and 49 out of a possible 50 points!

Now, while I’m in Uganda, they go to a section tournament where they play other kids who all won their region. CRAZY times.

My favorite memory though, I will not forget for a long time. Truth is I was really kinda praying for second place since I knew I couldn’t coach them in the next tournament and didn’t want to miss it. But in the heat of the match, I really did want them to win and was coaching with that goal in mind. So when they won I just shouted for joy for them and started crying and high fiving my players who were all running and screaming towards the side line in victory. Then I looked to the left and my son Tyler, who was in goal came running up with his arms spread wide wanting a hug and screaming, “We did it dad! We did it!” As we hugged he said, “thanks for coaching me dad. you’re the best.”

He has probably thanked me 4 out of 5 practices and games for coaching him. I’m so thankful for this time together and so excited for these boys. They earned it. I am blessed to be a part of it.


  1. congrats! That is so awesome not only that you won but that you are such an integral part of your son’s life. 🙂

  2. Dude that kid on the bottom right has some stunna shades on!

  3. that’s sean.. and they are prescription sunglasses so he can see and play ball. But I’m sure he’ll be glad that you dig them.

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