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Shannon and I tried to get away for a vacation to Idaho and it got jacked up by the fires. Then this past Monday was her 30 something birthday. We’re evidently no longer saying 30 what exactly…. it’s just over 30. So anyway, for the history of our marriage, Shannon and I have traditionally gone away for two weekends a year. One over her birthday, the other over our anniversary. And in keeping with that tradition, we had the kids taken care of with friends and hired help and we were off for 2 days of relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Or so we thought.

Rather than me telling you the story the old fashioned way. I put it together in comic book picture form. Seemed appropriate. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did :). Oh.. and before you ask… it’s all 100% true and unaltered.


  1. Whoa man, what the heck. I thought you’d messed up with the second robber panel. Yikes.

  2. I was waiting for this one. I like the comic strip effect. Except, it’s not so funny…Glad you both have a good sense of humor. Sorry.

  3. I’d like to offer my services as the guy in the nearby tree during the stakeout. I could radio to you in the trunk when it’s time to load the gun click the safety off. …We’ve been praying for you guys.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What mall was this at? Seriously! I want to avoid it…

  5. Okay, so once again we must say… wouldn’t have happened if you lived in Idaho!!! My goodness, I am so sorry to see/read this. At least one of you weren’t stollen! 🙂 Love you tons and hope that both of you can come visit together (thanks for sending Shannon even though you couldn’t come). Hugs and miss you.

  6. Yikes!! All I have to say is karma!

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