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Cuz I’m not sure what to title this post.

But a few weeks ago TJ graduated from 5th grade. I mentioned that at Dad’s and donuts this woman came in a really short little black dress. I think they are called LBD’s and I swear she was showing off her BVD’s. Maybe you thought I was overreacting.

Well, she showed up at graduation in a really short white one that she had to keep pulling down. She and her husband (I assume) were walking in as I was walking in and she seemed a little out of place, like a guy in a suit on the beach- only the reverse. So as I stood in the back taking pictures of TJ and this ceremony the whole time. She sat near the back and I kept wondering what this gal was thinking and then when she stood up and stuck her butt out I couldn’t help myself.

I snapped a pic. In all my field trips and elementary school events, I swear I’ve seen more thongs than I did even in the low rise jean fad of the early 2000’s with our high school girls.

So word to the wise, an elementary school function is not the best place to show off your thong butt through your see through white little number.

There you go Becky. Now you’ve seen it too.


  1. 2 thoughts:

    1. you might consider sending this to glamour. i feel sure it would make their last page as a “don’t!”.

    2. how especially awkward for the guy in the corner of the picture.

  2. Thanks so much! You made my whole day 🙂

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