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Last night I had to go to seminary class. Shannon called me and told me that she and the boys were going to go find free ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s on free scoop day. I said sounds like fun, but I gotta go to class. That sucks.

Anyway, I came home and Shannon told me I needed to talk to my boys. I asked, “Why?”. She said because of the conversation in the car on the way to ice cream that followed Jake’s learning about farm animals in kindergarten this week. Here’s how it went:

JAKE: Mommy, did you know that only mommy cows have udders?

MOM: Yes. They feed their babies with the milk from them.

JAKE: Only mommies can give their babies milk?

MOM: Yes… (more talk about Udders and boobies and feeding babies and stuff followed this line of thinking for a while evidently and caused Jake to proclaim…)

JAKE: Mommy cows don’t have pee pees.

MOM: No they don’t.

JAKE: Does that mean you don’t have a pee pee Mommy?

MOM: No, I don’t.

JAKE: After clearly a confusing barrage of thoughts raced through his head, he asked, “Were do you go pee? Does it come out the same hole you go poop?”

MOM: No, um I have a different spot for that. You should talk to your dad I think.


  1. I am laughing hard right now. Too funny!


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