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I had the joy of baptizing Tyler today. This was an answer to prayer and the second of our five kids that I have baptized- TJ did it several years ago. I hope to one day have the pleasure of having baptized all 5! Maybe the next 3 will choose to do it at the same time… that will make quite the pic! Anyway, it is such a great joy as they choose on their own to make this step.
When Tyler came out into the water I reminded him that he didn’t have to do this for “us”. He wanted to do it a year ago, but we thought he was too young to truly be ready. Tyler said he knew that it was his decision and he was excited to do it. It was great to be able to pray for him and celebrate this step of faith in his young life.
Oh by the grace of God go I. (thanks to sarah tolson photography for the pic!)

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