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I put my “field trip dad” hat back on and resumed my responsibilities with my first field trip of 2009- a trip to Mission Trails with Tyler.  I’ve been before with TJ’s class, but it was fun to go with Tyler.  But it’s always wacky to me to hear some of the evolution junk the museuem teaches coupled with creation stories that claim the dirt is red cuz a coyote ate the heart of the dead creator and dripped blood everywhere turning the dirt blood colored.  Even Tyler thinks it’s nuts.

Here’s Ty’s teacher, Mrs. Taylor, decked out like an outback tour guide.  Too funny.  She pointed out all kinds of plants and even circled the “scat” she found on the trail for kids so they could observe it.  Ha!  Pretty much all dog poop.

Here’s the motley crew of 4 I was responsible for.

Here’s the whole class after lunch down by the river.

here’s a pic of Ty and I bonding.  Love this kid.

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