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Bocce ball on Sunday. Surfing on Monday. Two firsts in two days.

BOCCE BALL: Sounds Italian. Have no idea if it is. It is like shot put and bowling and horse shoes and billiards all rolled into one. This is a game that requires so little effort and athletic ability that you can play it while holding a beverage in one hand the entire game. In fact, I’m pretty sure alcohol was involved during it’s invention. Anyway, after our church did it’s quarterly baptisms in mission bay with a BBQ and stuff, then I was invited to partake of bocce ball with Marko and John. Josh and I came from a 7 point deficit to get beat by one. 9-10 was the final score. But on the whole, I’d have to say that my first day proved I’m a natural 7 in bocce ball. I could be a 10 given more practice. I might need to buy a set.

SURFING: Sounds fun. Not sure it is yet. But, I now live in “so cal” and my youth group goes to the beach pretty much weekly if not daily- so I figured I should try it. It is like jumping on a floating ironing board while paddling like a fish to avoid an 18 wheeler coming at you with the goal of being pushed gracefully down the freeway of water that will eventually crash into the sand. I get the paddle part. I get the float part. It’s the one, two, three stand up before you get dumped off part I’m not so good at. Rarely, if ever in my life, do I find myself lying flat on my stomach and for any reason, immediately jumping to my feet to land in a shoulder width spread in one fluid motion. I take that back… I never do that. Never. Consequently- day one was like watching a toddler try and stand up, most of the time falling flat on their face. Oh, by the way- it is possible to “surf” in like a foot of water. So, when you fall off and stick your hand down- you hit the bottom really hard, really fast. It hurts. I think I need a prosthetic hand now. On the surf scale- I’m officially a 2. At this rate, I might be a 5 in 5 years. So, I now own a wet suit and a very sore arm. I borrowed the board. Not sure I’ll be buying one anytime soon.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Probably a good idea to invest your money in a bocce ball set rather than a surfboard.
    Love, Dad

  2. ahh yes…. so i dont surf, but honestly brian, you better get good at that. I mean i’ll have to come down there one of these days just so you can teach me. I can wake, snow, and sorta skate board… that last thing i’m missing is surfing. so get good at it. I’m expecting at least a 6 by the end of summer… i mean every week c’mon now youth pastor. =)

  3. Dude…surfing…crazy. You know I never imagined you doing crazy stuff like that. But then again when in So Cal do what they do right. see you at summer camp

  4. hey brian. i literally laughed out loud when i read your surfing experience. let me tell you, once you get off your stomach and land of your feet (balanced) it’s the most amazing feeling ever. EVER. you’re just gliding across the water. then you fall…and it’s fun. and then you do it again. haha. it’s the greatest pattern. yes. well thanks for the laugh.
    -Kaley Stine

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