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If you work with high school or college students, well Twilight is part of their world. I have a bunch o thoughts about this, but here’s 5:

  1. WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THIS CRAZE COME FROM? with other movies, especially ones that are part of a series of books, I’ve at least heard of this ground swell, but it’s like a tidal wave that came out of nowhere- at least for me- and the books are 4 volumes deep already.
  2. CHRISTIANS LOVE POP CULTURE AS MUCH AS ANYONE: I saw like 10 girls from our college group go see it Sunday after I taught at church.
  3. THIS MOVIE GENRE IS WEIRD TO ME. Since when do students flock to a vampire love story? I’m fine with lots of genre’s of movies and books and I am fine with fantasy. My son TJ read the entire Harry Potter series in like 3 months straight. I have had a few Christians tell me this Vampire movie is from hell and has no redeeming qualities. I was also told some Mormon lady wrote it. I’m not sure where it is from really, but I’m highly doubting any of our students are like looking out for vampires at school now as a result of this movie or book. But I honestly don’t know enough to say what it’s impact will be. I’m gonna have to ask more questions I guess.
  4. I MIGHT NOT CARE, BUT I ALSO CAN’T IGNORE THIS THING. I love students, but one part of my job that I’m not naturally good at is staying up on pop culture. In fact, I suck at it. The only way I make up for it to ask lots of questions of my students. I don’t watch enough TV, see enough movies, or listen to enough radio stations to get the scoop myself. So I just quiz people out of pure ignorance and genuine curiosity until I feel like I’m in the know. For example: I asked the college girls (several of which are on my leadership team) all kinds of questions about this movie and books and their appeal while they were waiting to get in line for this movie while I ate lunch with my kids in the mall. One question I asked was: what would the book be rated if the movie was true to it? I was told this: “It’s not like a Danielle Steele Novel. I’d say PG13 for the first 3 and R for the last one.”
  5. MY RANDOM PREDICTION: Twilight or some tweaking there of will the be theme for a lot of summer camps this year.

ok…. I have no idea what this means just yet. But Twilight just found it’s way into my student world. Now what?


  1. Now we hide?
    While I haven’t read all the books, I think this is a definite “insert-yourself-here” type of story. It’s pretty much directed at girls, because of Edward Cullen being apparently the most perfect boyfriend ever. So I guess that’s the cause of the craze, since the story’s first person, any girl reading it can just sort of pretend she’s the main character Bella with the most perfectly romantic boyfriend ever.

    I’m reading the second book right now, and I honestly don’t care for it very much. Tedious descriptions, repetitive phrases/words, and it’s obvious she grabbed her thesaurus many a time because she (the author) has not only repeated a phrase, but she just swapped out a couple of words for synonyms.

    I could go on, but I’ll just end by saying for every craze, there’s people who fight the tide. I’ve found several parodies of the books, comics making fun of it, etc. I’m trying to stay a part of that for now.

  2. Right there with you – I heard about these books about six months ago because my kids are stinkin’ crazy about them. I read the first two – definitely some unhealthy lust issues, even though my kids complain, “well, they aren’t DOING anything.” Also, could you send me the info from your support letter again – we’re uber-lame and lost it. Much love and happy Thanksgiving, sucka.

  3. Read it and saw it. I liked it. I think the interesting thing is that Bella “doesn’t care” if he kills her, it’s worth the risk just being with him because she “loves” him. So…I guess even if someone is toxic for you, if your “feelings” are strong enough, just for it anyway?

  4. I havn’t read the books or seen the movie but my friend has & she’s crazy about it, she’s obssessed with Edward Cullen, like he’s a real person. And she’s way out of high school. She says that I would like the book yet she knows that I don’t like fantasy stuff, especially having to do with vampires. My husband (Jason) likes that new show True Blood (about vampires & such)& I think it’s rediculous…so I have a little fun at his Mabye I just don’t have an imagination?

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