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Well, we’re back from our 7 days in the Caribbean sea. Wow. What fun. What a restful time. What amazing food. What great company. What a beautiful and diverse planet God has created. We enjoyed our cruise immensely and are already talking about Cruise #2 somewhere in the future. I think I might have caught a travel bug. I could get addicted to this experience. I’ll blog more about my learning’s and post some pictures in the coming week.

That is after I get my computer fixed. On day one of the cruise- our first day “at sea” I was tweaking some photos for a few minutes and compiling pictures from out first day’s travel and my computer froze and then stopped working. Bummer. But I guess in some ways, it caused any temptation to use the web services on the ship or to spend anytime at all on my computer. So it was a week where I watched zero TV, made only one cell phone call home, and never touched a computer. I watched every sunset and one sunrise from either my room balcony or the ships deck and read one 300 page book… an hour at a time each morning with java delivered “free” [umm I paid for it… just in advance 🙂 along with everything else I ate and virtually nothing that I drank that week- the drinks are not free] to my room by a nice man from Mexico- same guy delivered it every day but I forget his name. We had some nice conversations- like 2 minutes each in my broken spanish. Our dinner table waiter- Thomas was from Hungary. Our room steward, Panya was from Thailand, and our drink waiter- Englebert was from the Phillipines. It was quite the experience. I met some amazing people- both on the ship and at the various ports. I’ll blog more on that too.

Ok… well – we’re home. Until my computer gets fixed… I think the blogging shall cease some more. Hopefully it’s simple and something I can get fixed in a day or two. I really do have to get back to work and to working out now… I think I might fast for 3 days in repentance of all the food I gobbled… the majority of which was after 8pm. Dinner was crazy.


  1. Welcome Back!! Tell your wife hello for me and hope to see her soon. Sounds like a great trip.

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