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This weeks Time magazine cover article is on whether Al Gore should run again. I was skimming the article when I got totally distracted by this picture of his home office:

  • Dude has- count them- 3- 30″ Apple Flat Screens. Holy Moley. I’m jealous.
  • Nice flat screen TV… my office needs one of these.
  • Um… I’ve read a lot about the efficiency of a messy office, but this dude has piling crap down to a science. I think if my desk looked like this, I’d have to bomb the place. I certainly wouldn’t let Time photograph it and publish it for the world to see.
  • What’s with the frog?


  1. for a man who is concerned about global warming he has like 1/3 of a forest chilling on his desk, not to mention the energy he is using up with all the electronics running at the same time, probably A/C is set at a nice 71 and also looks like his windows may not be energy effecient glass….

  2. “the frog” is an actual (well, dead) glazed giant amazonian rainbow frog. it was given to him by a tribal chief on one of his trips.

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