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TJ turned ten while we were on vacation this year and he asked if we could re-do his room. So he and I sat down with the drawing board and dreamed up some stuff in late June/early July. Then we got started….

  • We decided to get rid of his old closet. So we ripped it out along with an old a/c unit that someone had installed in the wall.
  • Then we fixed the holes we just made, moved the ceiling fan, fixed the electrical and added some new sockets, put in new trim on the windows and doors, added some crown, and painted the place to match his surf themed bed spread.
  • Then we built in a loft for a bed/hang out space that would fill into the old closet space.
  • We then re-made a new closet for under the loft, added a bookshelf, and a new desk for under the loft.
  • Then the other side of the room got fitted with a new small couch from ikea and a surfboard shelf from an old board we cut up.
  • Then, finally, after weeks of a day here and a day there, on Saturday I put in the window shade and declared…… It is finished!!!!

Here ya go…. wanna be 10 again? I do.

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