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In our staff meeting today we talked about the constant need as pastors to make good decisions. However, the need to make not just good decisions, but great decisions, quickly leads one to realized that the power to decide stuff is highly overrated.  The real money is on discernment, which leads you to the wise choice every time.

So, as I thought about it, I think we need a new word.

enter “DISCERNISION”.   It’s the best of both words.

Discernment, like theology, can become book smart irrelevant if not applied to life.  Discernment is the ability to know the wise choice to make.  It doesn’t necessarily give you the gumption to do it.

Decision, like merry-go-round-ology, can keep us moving in circles instead of towards a real goal- making decision after decision that leads no where and everywhere at the same time.

Discernision, is best.  It is a wise choice that discernment has lead you to act on.

Here you go all you English majors.  I used it in 3 sentences.  You’ll see it’s a noun and a verb cuz it’s got a bias for action in it’s etymology 🙂

  • “Dear God, please give me discernision today!”
  • “It’s time for some serious discernisions cuz I was accepted to all 5 colleges I applied to.”
  • “A great coach doesn’t just make decisions about players on a field.  They descernision them into the best place for them and the team.”

There you go.  Have fun.  May the Lord give you a spirit of discernision as you try and use discernision in a sentence today.  Move over “fo rizzle”, a new fake word is in the house.


100 points for you if use it today.  


  1. Steve Pointon says:

    I love this new word!

    My favorite word as a Youth Pastor is “Facipulate.” Its a cross between facilitate and manipulate. E.g. You facipulate people to the answer that you’re eventually looking for!

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