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There are a few people in the christian writer/ speaker/ pastor world whose words and teaching really rub me wrong. By way of an example, there are a few whose view about women I disagree with significantly. But then I remember those men are married and (in this case) have daughters who love them and then I think… I must be missing something. Those same individuals I’m annoyed by are also cuddling and kissing and tucking in little kids who think their daddy hung the stars.

I think that all too often we treat famous people or public figures as easy targets for our angst. Somehow, subliminally we believe that their “public” position or their power gives us the right to de-humanize in some way and cast our frustrations boldly in their way, ignoring the other roles they also play. They are a “public figure” so we have the right to be public with our opinions. That’s called “freedom of speech” and the big ship makes an easy target.

While I find from time to time these feelings rising up in me, one thing that keeps me grounded is remembering that while I might not like them or understand them right now, in many cases, they are “it” in someone else’s world who sees them VERY VERY differently than I do through my eyes.

So… when I was catching up on blogrolls I have not read in along time, I ran across this video clip on a friend’s blog. It shows a VERY VERY different perspective on a few public figures who are/were “the most powerful men in the world” to some, but simply “Daddy” or “Grandpa” to others.

I cried when I watched this. I long for this kind of sweet innocence and hope.

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