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It’s been cold and raining in San Diego for a few days now. Pretty much been doing it all over California actually. So people have their rain and winter gear out. But in sunny San Diego, the terms winter and rain gear are laughable to most of the country who know what real winter looks like.

The California fashion trend that kills me is one I see pretty often, usually when getting coffee for some reason. It’s some gal who is wearing a sweater and these trendy furry brown boots called UGGs…. and mini jean skirt. Tons of young women in our community can’t decide if they want to be warm or show off their furry boot clad legs. I know that most body heat is supposed to be lost through your head and neck, but this seems to be taking that truth a little far.

I think I’m going to get some UGGs and so I can take out the trash in my boxers this winter. Bet I’ll be warm as can be.


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