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The newest addition to the manhood of the berrytribe is a nut job.

Yep…. he’s a goof. He’s smart as whip. But he’s a total goof. Here’s my proof, God help us 🙂

  • “There are ten.” This is the answer to any question about how many of an item there are that is beyond what he can count. It is the perfect substitute for the word “lots”. There are “ten.” When you see planet earth showing you thousands of bugs and he screams, “There are ten”…. it’s funny.
  • DEEP SCRATCHY voice. When he really wants to tell you something intense, he lowers his chin and says it in this deep scratchy voice. It’s super funny. When he says, “There are ten” in this voice, it’s even funnier.
  • Dancing. The kid dances like a crazy goon and shakes the tiniest buns on the planet in the funniest of formations.
  • Running. He is not so fast. Like he is ridiculously slow and he runs all hunched over. We did not adopt a future million dollar athlete. He is a goofy runner.
  • Laugh. He laughs funny. I don’t know how to type it. It’s like Haaaahaaaahooo haaaaa heeee hooo hhaaaaa. Or something like that. But it makes me laugh just thinking about it.
  • He is deathly afraid of the dog. Watching him begin to not get deathly afraid of the dog by showing you how the dog yawns, licks, or scratches by demonstration is super duper funny. Good news, he no longer jumps on the table or screams when the dog comes around and the other day he actually touched him. Oh.. and the revelation that the dog did not eat people was a REVELATION.
    • “Zues eat food in bowl. He no eat Becky. He no eat Billy.”
    • “Yes. that is right. Zeus does not eat people.”
    • “Zeus no eat Billy.”
    • “Right.” (glad you discovered we did not go 20,000 miles to get you to feed you to the dog)
  • He can pitch a fit with the best of them when things don’t go his way if he forgets this does not get him jack squat in the berry house. This is not funny. But it is so overrided by the other funny stuff, that he is still super duper funny.

here’s the funny man at work:

  • Dancing at the pool:

  • Showing me his first pair of shoes and socks he’s ever owned:

  • overlooking the Nile with his big ol grin

  • Dancing to the beat:


  1. Wow he really does have moves! He could probobly teach my kid a move or two. Stephan shakes his buns too, he watches himself in the mirror…lol.

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