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TJ and Tyler both got new desks recently. TJ when I remodeled his room. Tyler when he moved in with TJ. Becky got one that used to be Shannon’s as a kid, then was Tylers, and finally after some of our dedicated family refinished and painted white to match her room, became hers.

That left only Jake and Billy short desks. My plan was to build a custom wall unit, but on a whim, I decided to see if I could save myself some time and money and modify something I could get at IKEA instead. I was going to make it out of birch plywood, so making it out of birch particle board is a small shift anyway I guess.

So, Monday I bought the pieces and tonight I finished the final touches. Here it is. Both Billy and Jake are very excited.

wanna make your own? here’s the parts list:


  1. Vanessa says:

    VERY nice!

  2. So cute!! Good Job!

  3. Super cute!! Could you come build Savannah a twin over full bunk bed?? Gosh darn thing is expensive.

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