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Seth is a high school student in Encounter and he spent the summer working at Sea World. As a job perk, he gets ticket vouchers and several weeks ago, he offered them to me for my family to be able to go. I confessed that we had season passes given to us already, but that I would take some friends if that was ok. He said, “Sure sounds great. Have fun.”

So we invited the Bower clan to drive down and do some life with us. They said yes and jumped in their car and met us there today. That took 4 tickets. We gave one to grandpa since grandma already had a pass. That left us with two more that we pitched to Ian and Stina and that made for 14 of us on a Sea World trek this afternoon/tonight.

We go every year in December cuz the Christmas shows are fun, funny, and inspirational. Seriously, the shamu show is like going to church. It’s amazing. If you have not seen it, it’s worth the price of admission all by itself.

Here’s some fun pics we snapped along the way. (click em for a closer view)

THANKS SETH- (notice the sign language 🙂

Always amazes me what they can teach animals to do:

Hello. I’m posing.

Who doesn’t love a good hill roll every now and then?
Grandma and Pops
This pic makes me laugh out loud. I love this kid. He is a total clown.
At the bat rays.
Shannon and Kim

TJ and I

Jake got his shirt wet at the bat rays. So here he is showing off his jacket clone chest.
Um yeah, wanna fly 30 feet out of the air on the nose of a carnivorous 10,000 pound animal? Sure, sounds great to me.
Ok… I’m in too.


  1. Brian, I love reading your blog. I love the pictures.
    You almost always make me laugh. Thanks.

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