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I went to the wedding of a former student last April. Today I got the thank you note from this student.

Before you think this post is about how long that took… keep reading.

This student was one of the first students I met in my very first youth ministry job. I think he has been out of Powerhouse High School ministry for at least 10 years now.

Here’s the letter:

Favorite Powerhouse Memories:

  • Brian and camp staff attacking boys cabins in pick-up truck, getting soaked and getting the windshield broken….
  • Busting out the hoola hoops off the grape-vine w/Katie while van was being fixed on the way to Mexico.
  • Poorly “TP”ing your house with Daryl and Mikey so much that you didn’t bother cleaning it up
  • Listening to “play that funky music whiteboy” loudly on the way to camp in the bus while Brian pumped the brakes (dangerously) to the beat on 580.
  • Brian and Shannon pulling me aside, faces beaming, at the wedding in 2008 and exclaiming how happy they are for me.

Thank you guys. Oh yes, thanks for the nifty glasses set too! We’ll come visit you guys soon sometime.


Lesson #1: no youth group teaching I give ever makes the “best of” list. Not sure what that means since this guy sat through hundreds of talks, but nonetheless, it’s true.

Lesson #2: The best and longest lasting fruit in youth ministry is the stuff that happens in the unplanned, unscripted, craziness of doing life together.

Lesson #3: I really need to get a bus for Encounter. I miss jacking with kids while I’m driving.

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