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One of the traditions of our desert trip has been some team building activities.

Year 1 was a task that involved taking a 20ft 4×4 and moving it though a set course in the vertical position, using only ropes to keep it off the ground and upright.

Year 2 was a GPS activity where we had hidden pieces to a giant trebuchet in the rocks a mile from camp and students had to find them using only a GPS coordinate. They then returned to camp with them and we assembled the pieces and it to chuck huge rocks until we broke it, and then we burned it in a massive bomb fire!!!

Year 3 (this year) was a PVC pipe tallest freestanding structure contest and two other pipe games too in the morning

and then a rope maze game later in the day:

While I loved all of them, this years were more mentally than physically challenging. But nothing can top the depth and teaching impact that the rope maze had. It was awesome! By far my favorite team building activity I’ve ever done or facilitated… and that’s saying a lot cuz the 4×4 one from year one was sweet. But, I’d do the rope grid thing again in a heart beat. It was so awesome that I blogged an entire post on how to repeat it for your own youth group or family event on the PDYM Community Blog. You should check it out here. It’s so worth it!!!


  1. How exactly do you do that rope grid thing? What are the mechanics. I’d love to try that out in my own company.

  2. If you click on the link at the bottom of the post it takes you to another page where I explained it pretty throughly I think. Let me know if that still leaves you with questions and I’ll try to answer them.

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