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Today was the first time in over a year that I taught in what some affectionately call, “Big Church.”

I call it teaching in “Main”- short for the “Main Service.” I mentioned I was teaching in “Main” to one our adult volunteers and he asked me if he should be praying for my flight. Guess I need to give a little clarification between “Main” and “Maine”.

Anyway, if you want to give it a listen, click here and download it or whatever.

Embedded in it is a testimony or story from a gal in our church, Susan. It’s about how Jesus met her in a really tough spot. It’s worth the listen just for that story alone if you ask me.


  1. thank you for leaving a link. ill have to listen later because ive been busy with school and woke up too late to get to church. so thank you. :]

  2. The service was awesome! It would have been even better if I got some of that choclate you were throwing or should I say chucking into the crowd, although I think you only threw the dark & I’m a milk choclate person=}

    Susan’s “my journey” almost brought me to tears & I love that song sweetly broken that we sing in worship.

    You should teach in “main” more often.

  3. Kevin Brangwynne says:

    Hey Brian,

    I was praying for you even though you were just traveling down the parking lot, as opposed to across the country! It was an awesome service! The message, as well as Susan’s inspiring testimony, are definitely worth revisiting via the podcast!

    I agree with Vanessa, you should teach in the “Main” more often! Of course “Maine” is nice too! I spent some of my childhood there and a good deal of my family still lives there, so I was hoping you would have a chance to say hello!


  4. Awesome job Sunday at the 9am service. My appetites were killing me for years before I finally decided to surrender it all to Christ. Susan’s story really hit home for me as a recovering addict and alcoholic. Journey has been just a wonderful place to get acquainted with God and to fall in love with the life He has given me. I really think the most touching thing though was when you told the story about Becky and Billy. Even though I had read it here before it still brought tears to my eyes. God bless you and your family, have a great thanksgiving!

  5. B,

    Just got done listening to the message! Wow! Excellent sermon! Insightful, personal, fun, POWERFUL!
    Susan’s story had me tearing up at the gas station (people probably thought I was delirious w/ joy over the low prices).
    Thanks & great job. Proud to be trabando contigo.

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