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Today I became the technology teacher for my bride.

  • new macbook arrived last week for shannon.
  • added all the programs she needed.
  • merged all our contacts, calendars, music, and pictures onto her computer.
  • taught her how to put music, pictures, and custom apps on her iphone.
  • helped her get a facebook profile rolling
  • put an app to update her twitter via her iphone.
  • helped her figure out how to update twitter and facebook simultaneously.
  • taught her how to put pics on facebook via iphoto
  • taught her how to upload pics onto her computer via her phone and digital camera.

that’s a full day of teaching 🙂

Last week my wife did her own teaching.  She’s teaching Becky and Billy to read, count, and sort stuff at home.  Today we met with the principal and officially withdrew them from the docs of the public school for this year.  Homeschool it is until August 24th when they will join the ranks of 1st grade with the rest of our community at Rancho.  Until then, Shannon’s been hard at work:  

  • turned kitchen table into kindergarten school room
  • converted cupboards into school bulletin board
  • sang songs every morning to two kindergarten kids
  • taught them the sounds associated with letters a thru g.
  • taught them how to paint.
  • earned the status of mommy/teacher/superwoman

that’s a fuller day of teaching.  she wins.   my kids are lucky.

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