Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


Here’s some stuff I’ve heard people say, or wrote on a blog this week that I wish I could say, but I can’t:

  • “So, what day do you want me to bring my Motorhome by?”
  • “Here’s a review of a book I read today.”
  • “I got to sit in on a meeting with the 250 leading American pastors.”
  • “Band I’m currently listing to is [now fill in here some band that sounds cool, someone you’ve never heard of, and inherently makes you feel like you, the reader, are on a pop culture idiot who only listens to trendy crap]”
  • “25 Christmas movies in 25 days. 3 down. 22 to go.”

In an effort to redeem myself though, here’s some stuff I’ve said, that might make you wish you were me.

  • I’d love to go to lunch, but I have to write a paper for class.
  • Honey, I fixed the shower.
  • Wow. $3 for gas. This fill up is gonna be fun.
  • Do you know where my ipod is?
  • I’d love to go to bed, but I have to write a paper for class.

Now I need to stop blogging and write a paper for class.


  1. I’ve been hanging out in my pajamas all morning pounding out a 12 page paper on MLK, which I’ve finished, but hasn’t really brought me much relief because I have another one due in 5 days that I haven’t started because I’ve been working on the first one. I feel your pain. Peace in your hood.

  2. And I sincerely thank you for fixing that shower!!

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