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When I was in college, Michael Jordan was like Jesus with a basketball. Dude could fly, walk on water, and do no wrong it seemed. Kobe seems to me to be the Jordan of today.

I say this out of a lot of sports ignorance- something that has increased greatly since leaving college. Today, I follow pretty much no sports and have virtually lost all interest in being a sports fan cuz I suck so bad at following them. I know hardly anyone’s name and very little about stats. I have a hard enough time memorizing the names and life stats of the students in my ministry, much less those of famous athletes I’ll never meet. My brain is just too stupid to keep it all sorted out and I feel guilty trying.

That being confessed, I still love to watch and attend and play most sports. I coach and play soccer. I love football season- especially monday nights. I was super bummed that Big Brown didn’t win the triple crown, something I would love to witness a horse do someday. I can’t wait for the summer olympics. I enjoy a good baseball game- even if only for an excuse to buy a stupidly expensive hotdog and sit in the stands with friends. I want to go to a nascar race someday. I’d really like to do one of those see how fast you can drive and spin a car around race car driving classes. I think that would be a huge rush…. I could go on.

But the inspiration of this post is Kobe- the crown jewel of the LA Lakers from what I can tell in my brief stint of following loosely the NBA finals.

Well a friend of mine has a college ministry blog and he posted this video of Kobe off of his website. Oh it’s crazy and I’ve watched it like 20 times. I still can’t figure out if it’s real. I’m officially duped.

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