Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


YES!  I’m so glad.

Here’s what you need to know if you wanna volunteer in our student ministries… [besides the fact that WE ARE SO EXCITED to hear this and besides the fact that we NEED YOU]  you should also know that:

YES IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME AND PREP.  No, you don’t have to do all the work yourself.  We give you everything you need to prep in 30 minutes so you can spend all the rest of your minutes loving on Students and helping them study their Bible as they connect their life with God and your small group.  But it does take some time and devotion to be fulfilling.


  • HOW’S IT GOING?  just keep us in the loop so we can pray and help you.  E-mail, txt, carrier pigeon, note pinned to your kid’s shirt… u name it… we’re good with it.  
  • TEAMWORK ROCKS… especially when you communicate with you co-leader and agree on a plan.  Then communication is really quite lovely- like English tea and crumpets.  
  • DATABASE STUFF… we’ll teach you, but it’s a cool online resource we have to connect you easily with the life of your small group. Oh you’re gonna love this communication tool.  It’s so easy a freshman can do it. 
  • IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT A STUDENT… especially if you think there’s abuse or danger that needs professional or special attention, let us help you make the right choice.  You don’t have to stress or go it alone.  Communicate your concerns with us. 
  • WITH FAMILIES… You’d be surprised how much you might understand and know how to help a student by understanding their family life.  So don’t hang up on mom, ask her about her day.  She’ll send you flowers for Christmas… I swear it’s true. 
KNOW YOU’RE PASTORING TEENS… and we’re super proud of you for stepping up. We want you to know we believe that the pastoral role is not a position certain people hold, but instead the calling God places on a Believer’s life.  We believe we are all called to be a priesthood of believers and you’re a key part of that.  So thank you so much for stepping up and stepping into that calling.  
GET RID OF THAT SUPERHERO SMALL GROUP LEADER GUILT TRIP.  No, we do not issue tights, underpants, boots, capes, and super tight shirts to our small group leaders. It would cause the students to be distracted by our beauty and because it’s ridiculous.  You have a life.  Live it.  Let your small group be part of it, not the whole of it.  It’s ok to say no and to not do everything. So shut down that voice that says you don’t have what it takes and comes serve with us.  
There you go.  If you want to volunteer in our guys or girls small groups, then e-mail “brian at journeycom dot org” and we’ll get you dialed in.
If you want to just steal our official list of small group leader requirements for your fridge or for your own youth ministry because this post way inspired you…  Well you can download the pdf right here.  

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