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I like to read the “comic strips” that this guy makes. Sometimes they make me think, smile, or even wince. I have them in my daily bloglines, though recently, they feed got all jacked up or something so I have to go directly there to get the latest.

But anyway, I have posted some before, but these ones I had tucked away for a future post and decided today was the day.

  • I resonate with this when church goes long occasionally . Sometimes I think I can be this guy. The subtitle really makes me fear that people might actually feel that way after I get done teaching. That’s reason enough to stay on my toes and work hard.

  • I feel this way every time my church sings this one song with the chorus of “fire fall down” repeated a million times. I keep thinking, um… no thanks. Fire stay there. I just can’t get the visual to work for me.

  • I will forever work to keep this wall from not running my life. I don’t think it will ever go away, I just have to daily say “no” to it. Some days I do less climbing than others.

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