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I just took down my Christmas lights today…. in like 85 degree weather. Ridiculous. I tell you ridiculous. I miss Nor Cal in the winter so much. I miss rain, cold, seasons, and the chance to hit the slopes. I miss the powerhouse snow ski trips so much!

But thanks to some generous Christmas presents, we took the whole tribe to the snow and curbed my withdrawal a little! It was sooooo much fun. It had been such a long time since we’d been, that it was virtually a whole family first. Since we’ve been in San Diego for 5 years, I think TJ was the only one who even remembered going before. That is now all changed forever.

We decided to sled for one day, spent the night, and then went to Bear Valley to ski/snowboard on Tyler’s 10 year old birthday! My dad skied, I boarded, TJ and Ty took lessons in the morning on snow boards and then I bonded with them on the bunny slope in the afternoon. Becky, Billy, and Jake all took 1/2 day lessons for skiing. Then Jake hit the slopes after with me while Becky and Billy called it a day and hit the lodge for hot chocolate with Shannon and my mom.

Oh man, what a great couple of days filled with fun memories. Here’s some pics we snapped of our time. So dang blessed.


  1. Kevin Brangwynne says:

    Now that looks like BIG fun! A photogenic bunch for sure! You surely are a blessed man!

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