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If I was God, I’d smite some people. I know that sounds judgemental but God is our judge and judgemental is part of his job and maybe I should have been smited a long time ago… but here’s my top two lowly suggestions for today.

1. Smite the entire Westboro Baptist Church who plan to protest the funerals of the little girls killed in Amish Country and who claim that they brought it on themselves by denying God and living Amish. I really want to start cussing now. Instead, I think God should smite those who, in my humble opinion, falsely represent him. I mean these are the poeple who sponsor AHHHHHHH!

2. The clowns that decided to market a statue of St. Joseph as a means to sell homes. Yes, believe it or not, you can pay 10 bucks and buy a 4″ figurine, complete with burying bag and then when you claim your property by the spirit of the saints, your house will sell… and lots and lots of people do this! Yippee for free market, the web, and stupidity.

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