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I went to the doctor for my DMV physical for my drivers license this week because I have a class B for driving buses and my medical card was past due. Anyway, I went to Kaiser and got this crazy doctor in his 60’s who talked really fast and was tons of fun and made fun of me because I never go to the doctor and am healthy and therefore am paying for everyone to use the system. I told him I had 3 kids, one by emergency C-section in a non-Kaiser facility and that I’d pretty much got my money’s worth.

But he still pressed me and asked me my medical history and said that since I’ve been in Kaiser for over a decade and never had much done to me that I should get some shots. I said, “shots”. He said yeah… have you ever had a hepatitus A or B vaccine, we give it to your kids but you were born after we started giving it. I said, I don’t think so. He said they were giving it to my kids and that I should get it. He said Hep A is common in border communities and that I should get it if I ever plan on eating tacos in Mexico. I said for real? I’ve eaten more than I can count with a lot of people and no one’s ever had a problem of Hepatitus. He said, yep, I see it all the time here at Kaiser. It makes you turn kinda orange for about 6 weeks and be in the hospital for a week or so. I said, wow. Sounds fun. He said it’s not.

So, he said the shots were free since I already paid for this visit co-pay and then he talked me into getting my tetnus updated. So they shot me hep A in one arm. Hep B in the other. And Tetnus in my “hip” she said, but it really was my butt. Which is still a little sore from the darn shot. But good news.. now they put whooping cough vaccine in the tetnus shot so I’m good on that too.

Bad news… I have 3 more shots to go over the next 6 months to keep the Hep virus from turning me orange. Guess I’m “getting my money’s worth”.

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